During With Alcoholism During Lockdown

Dealing With Alcoholism During Coronavirus Lockdown

The lockdown caused by the global pandemic isn’t making it any easier on our lives. Staying at home may be for the benefit of your health, but it’s not making it easier for both your mental health and physical health.

When you’re dealing with alcoholism during lockdown, this can be the most frustrating challenge that you’re going through.

Believe me when I say that alcoholism isn’t easy to deal with and when you’re on lockdown, it’s hard to fight the urge to grab that bottle of alcohol to make you feel better.

Even if you’re managed to overcome alcoholism before lockdown, it can be easy to go back into that self-destructive habit in this season of your life.

With this being said, the following are ways on how to deal with alcoholism during lockdown.


1. Regular Exercise

When you have the urge to drink again, this is the perfect opportunity to use a distraction. In this case, regular exercise is the key. Physical activity doesn’t just make you forget about your craving to drink, but it makes you feel good about yourself. One of the main reasons you drink alcohol is you’re trying to escape something, or you want to feel good. Instead of alcohol, you can use healthier alternatives such as exercise and other activities that make you happy.


2. Have a Support Group

With any kind of addiction, having a support group and a community that believes and understands your struggle is important. You need someone you trust who keeps you grounded against alcoholism, and to have you back. When you’re tempted to binge drink again, you need a group of people that makes you realise exactly why you shouldn’t do it. Addiction isn’t a battle fought alone, and having a support group gives you the strength you need to deal with alcoholism.

Whether it’s a best friend, a sibling or whoever in your life, they should help you especially during this lockdown season. You could even ask your employer for help with mental health and addiction issues.


3. Throw Out Your Alcohol

This may be the hardest thing on this list, but you need to throw away every bottle of alcohol in your home if you want to deal with alcoholism effectively during lockdown. If you don’t have alcohol anywhere near you, you won’t be tempted to drink during lockdown. I know it’s frustrating and hard, but you’ll be so proud of yourself for doing this when you realise you’re a step closer in overcoming alcoholism. Addictions are so frustrating, and there’s a reason why that is so.


4. Make Yourself Busy

Distractions are going to be your best friend in dealing with alcoholism during lockdown. Whether it’s choosing to play video games instead, or learning a new skill, just be sure it’s a distraction that takes you out of your need for alcohol. Unlike the contrary, distractions aren’t always bad.

In fact, distractions make as the perfect coping mechanism for people dealing with addictions such as alcoholism.

Without distractions, you might end up giving in to your need for alcohol and endanger your health completely.


5. Think of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Alcoholism isn’t something you develop overnight. Most likely, you already know all the reasons why you should quit this addiction of yours, but you lack the wisdom to do so. If your urge gets worse, you need to remind yourself of all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

For instance, think of the effects on your physical health, or think about how overcoming your alcoholism could completely change your life. Think of all the positive reasons that refusing to let your alcohol addiction beat you, and all the reasons on why you can overcome a challenge as difficult as alcoholism.

In conclusion, hopefully these 5 ways help you in dealing with alcoholism better during lockdown.

An alcohol addiction is hard enough, but if you find there are contact hotlines for alcoholism in your area, feel free to do so. At the end of the day, every person’s journey on how they beat alcoholism is distinct.

During this lockdown, the best thing you can do is go easy on yourself while fighting the urge to reach for that bottle of alcohol. Progress, no matter how slow it may be, is still progress and you should be proud of yourself for trying.

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