My name is Lee and I’m the owner of the website BeingSober.org – my story is no different to those of most ex-alcoholics, I’ve just decided I want to share my story and knowledge to help those who are looking to recover without spending thousands of dollars on luxury rehab.

The aim for this site is to become of one the leading addiction recovery blogs, so that those who are battling addiction can look back and say – “you know what, I’m so thankful I found #BeingSober” and then asks if they can write a guest post on our site.

Anyway, more about me, I was born in Belarus back in 1989 but moved to Arizona aged 6, before settling in England just as I turned 17. This weren’t the best time to be growing up in a deprived part of the country, where alcohol abuse is common in most households.

If you would like to learn about my full story, then check out my article here.

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